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Race to Inspire

Spurthi's flagship event that has been started since 2017. The goal is to inspire people of all ages to stay healthy and give to support our local community cause.

See here to know more about the race and participate. 

Inspire Kids

Spurthi Organization is planning to organize an event to conduct a workshop for kids ages 6 to 14.

This workshop will contain hands on activities for kids to encourage their curiosity. The attempt is made to keep kids away from phones for some time. J

This is an hands on activity where engineering and science concepts are demonstrated through age appropriate simple projects. 

Check Back Again


Inspire to Yoga

Spurthi encourages various Yoga sessions thru' out the year. Spurthi members participate in Sun salutations (sUrya namaskAr) every year during Jan timeframe. Similarly there are many activities that will be organized by Spurthi. Please keep checking activities section and our Facebook page

Inspire to Health

As part of overall well-being, health is a very important aspect of Spurthi; Spurthi organizes several online / in-person sessions to discuss various aspects of health. Please keep checking our FB page for more information 


Inspire Social Well-being

By organizing various activities like hiking, photography sessions, musical evening etc. Spurthi encourages social well-being of its members; Check our FB page for up to date activities

Inspire to Give

Spurthi encourages its members to help the society we live in by inspiring one more for a fulfilling life-style. There are various way you can help. Contact us to be part of this inspiring team

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